World, meet Synth: Open-sourcing our Neumorphic UI framework


Synth, our UI framework for implementing Neumorphic designs, is now open-source. We are excited to see how the community uses this and eventually, as they always do, turn Neumorphism from a ‘just a trend’ into the next big chapter in product design.

Access our Synth library through the following:
For Android: Here
For iOS: Here

What really is Neumorphism?

Neumorphism is a recent breakaway from the more common Skeuomorphic designs, one which focuses on the colour palette. What this helps achieve is a realistic, physical feel to the product along with an appealing visual quality that makes the product feel more ‘real.’

Here’s how it looks like on CRED

How it all began

Experimentation is the way of life at CRED. Neumorphism is an aesthetic style that only came into the design scene over a year back. It piqued the interest of a few of our designers, and as a side project, they made mockups of CRED based on this aesthetic. Long story short: we just loved how beautiful our product look with this aesthetic. 

While similar stories would have ended there, we saw this as a good enough reason to turn it from an experiment into a full-fledged project; to not just have a few screens but the entire product adopt the Neumorphic aesthetic. 

Equal amounts exciting and difficult. That’s how we know an experiment is worth pursuing and this one ticked off both.

The process

Scaling the designs to the entirety of the product did crop up some problems. Since this design philosophy is heavily dependent on visual aesthetics, we had to optimize for lights, shadows, gradients, and more in our framework. The fixes compounded, and now we have a framework that is incredibly stable and consistent throughout the product.

Just like we picked up Neumorphism, we wanted to have a design system in place that would make it easier for us to adopt and experiment with any other design philosophy in the future. Our new design system does just this: With the upgrade, our mobile framework could evolve into an array of offerings that we wished to build. And as an engineering framework, it also enables us to put any skin over our defined template engine making sure iterations come easy for both design and engineering teams. 

The next step: open sourcing the library

Adopting Neumorphism was a successful experiment for us.  

But we realize the current restrictions on implementing it are stopping others from experimenting with this design philosophy. And we believe this is depriving the world of so many great product experiences.

We believe the way forward for Neumorphism won’t be decided by us, but the world’s design community, which is why we are making Synth, our UI framework for implementing Neumorphic designs, open-source.

With this release, anyone in the world can use this framework to implement Neumorphic designs throughout their product and do it at scale. The possibilities for Synth’s use are endless, and at CRED, we are excited to see all of them.



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