CRED Goes Copper


We recently rolled out Copper, a new design system that reimagines the CRED experience based on how our members have engaged with us over the past 18 months, what they have loved or disliked, and also to plan for a future with new offerings on CRED.

CRED’s design is guided by the principles of art and science. For us, it’s as important to offer a beautiful, polished experience as it is to be efficient and easy to use. 

Extensible Design System – Built to Scale

As CRED expands beyond credit card payments to a variety of lifestyle and money management products, Copper as a design system is aimed at making it easy to add new offerings, as quickly as our product teams build them. It’s built to be extensible, to scale and support the ever-increasing reasons for which members use the CRED app. The mobile framework will evolve for an array of offerings that we build for our users. As an engineering framework, it enables us to put any skin over our defined template engine making sure design iterations come easy for both design and engineering.

We wanted to create an immersive and fun experience, which members love and expect from us, with the agility to grow as CRED does. With Copper, we’ve built a system that can also support multiple experiments, the first of which we launched with the new update.

Stunning Neumorphic Design – for the First Time Ever

We were intrigued by the trend of neumorphism and wanted to see how far we could go in applying it to our product. While the classic CRED experience was distinctive, we thought it would be an interesting challenge to build the first-ever application inspired by neumorphism.

Visual Cues that Make CRED Even More Delightful to Use

Neumorphism is an impressionistic style, playing with light, shadow, and depth to create a digital experience inspired by the physical world. It’s most visible in “plastic” building blocks: extruded, haptic elements that provide visual and tactical cues about their function. We are excited about neumorphism not only for its stunning appearance but also for the ease with which it allows members to use and distinguish between elements.

Eventually, we want to open-source the framework so designers everywhere can build on what we’ve learned. We have also made a design decision to offer a dark-mode only product as nine in ten members use only dark mode.

With Copper’s flexibility in supporting neumorphism, the classic theme as well as any other design innovations in the future, we’re very excited about the possibilities. While neumorphism has polarized the design community, we’re eager to hear what you think of the new CRED experience. It has provoked love, shock, and awe, and we’re using all that feedback to get better.

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CRED is a members-only platform that rewards the creditworthy individuals of India with exclusive experiences, rewards and upgrades.

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