How we at CRED are responding to the COVID crisis


at CRED, we have always believed in the power of the community. of people coming together and making the impossible happen. we see it everyday at CRED, as our team works from all across the country. we see it now, as so many of you are showing up to help each other and mobilize resources. 

in a time of crisis like this, 

here’s how we’re directing our resources to support our community:

procuring and distributing oxygen concentrators

we have partnered with Milaap, India’s leading healthcare fundraising platform, and taken up the mission of distributing 1 billion litres of oxygen via oxygen concentrators to hospitals and healthcare nonprofits across the country.

for every 10,000 CRED coins our members redeem, we will distribute 1000 litres of oxygen via these concentrators. unlike cylinders, oxygen concentrators recycle oxygen directly from the air thus supporting a dependent’s needs without having to look for alternative sources periodically.

The contribution will be directed to Milaap, which has channeled over Rs 1200 crores worth of donations in the last 10 years. CRED will fund the entire administrative fee and support Milaap in making sure that the contributions reach those who need it most.

Milaap has partnered with a number of hospitals and healthcare non-profits such as Swasth to effectively deploy the funds towards procuring and distributing these concentrators. this process will be transparent and all details of deployment will be published on a micro-site that will be live by May 3, 2021. All donors will receive an update of the same on their email so they can see the impact their contribution has created.

CRED members can redeem their coins to donate oxygen at the link in the caption. If you’re not on CRED, you can still donate here:

we are also looking to fund ideas that can make hospitals self-sufficient in oxygen through oxygen generators on-site or equipping other containers to move oxygen. you can email us at with leads.

initiatives for the CRED Team (all full-time employees, contractors and interns)

we have set up an in-house COVID task force with volunteers from our team that collate resources from across the country to help other team members (and their near ones). we’re also extending help to team members (and their families) with RT-PCR test appointments, hospital beds, locating plasma donors, oxygen cylinders, and pharmacies across the country. 

we also provide:

  • 15 days home quarantine COVID care package free of cost for asymptomatic/ mildly symptomatic team members. this covers doctor consultations, medicines, safety kit, pulse oximeter, and thermometer. additionally, we have an online panel of doctors the team can consult incase of symptoms/ exposure. 
  • family health insurance for self, spouse, up to two children, parents, and in-laws. 
  • COVID-19 vaccination drive for self and family.
  • salary advance of up to six months for medical emergencies.
  • access to free 1:1 therapy sessions to help with emotional wellness; weekly workshops on coping techniques.

we believe art has the power to channel hope and calm. every weekend, we have planned music and comedy sessions to help the team de-stress. we are working to make these available to all CRED members.

initiative for CRED partners

To support the small, independent businesses who form the majority of CRED’s merchant and partner ecosystem, CRED has launched a Partner Fund to help them tide through difficult times. Partners seeking assistance can write to

as we write this, we are thinking of more ways to do our part. we will share these updates with you as and when we add more initiatives.

stay safe, stay home, and don’t forget to vaccinate. 

team CRED

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