Final update on Oxygen mission: you’ve helped deploy an additional 110 million litres of O2


In the past months, the support from CRED members has helped us not just reach our initial mission targets but progress even further: so far, ₹10 crores have been channeled to contribute over 210 million litres of oxygen every month.

The generous contribution by CRED members of their CRED coins has helped us channel 10 crores in May this year to our on-ground partners at Give India, Milaap and Hemkunt foundation, enabling them to rapidly procure and mobilize the essential equipment to the hospitals that needed these resources the most.

With these funds, Give India has been able to deploy 540 oxygen concentrators in total just in the month of June 2021. With 60 of these concentrators capable of generating 5 lakh litres of oxygen per minute, hospitals will receive over 6.48 million litres of oxygen over a month. The remaining 480 concentrators can generate 10 lakh litres of oxygen per minute, all of which will contribute to over 103.6 million litres of oxygen. In total, with this final round of contributions, a total of 110.16 million litres of oxygen will be provided to hospitals in numerous states across the country.

Overall impact:

Since its initiation on 27th April 2021, the mission to donate oxygen has received overwhelming support from the CRED community: 750,000+ members came together to contribute their CRED coins in a very short period, thus channelling over 10 crores in total to our partners at Give India, Milaap and Hemkunt Foundation. With these funds, they were able to quickly procure concentrators, refillers, and cylinders.

Over the last few months, we were able to create a capacity of serving oxygen needs of over 210 million+ litres every month. The mission of 1 billion litres is on track to be completed by October 2021. 

As we deploy the remaining funds and bring this mission to a close, we will continue to empower the CRED community to create an impact wherever possible. We will update you about our upcoming initiatives very soon. 

Till then, stay safe, stay home, and don’t forget to vaccinate.


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