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Stopped using your credit card? Here’s what you should do next.


Having a credit card is good for your credit score, provided you use it wisely. However, there may have been times when you wished to close a credit card, say when your credit provider increased the annual fee, or you were being offered a better deal by another institution.  But closing a credit card is bad for your credit score, right?  Well, that’s not always the case. Credit card...

5 Hacks to Boost Your Credit Score


Jack and Jill had a perfect life. Excellent salaries and an enviable lifestyle managed with the help of swanky credit cards. High salaries meant high credit limits which also meant more purchasing power.  Well, everything was great until last month when they decided to apply for a mortgage to purchase their new abode. And that’s when the world came crashing down.  Their mortgage application...

Credit card gone missing? Here’s what you should do.


Losing a credit card sure sounds like a nightmare. However, you can prevent your loss from turning into a nightmare by acting swiftly and following these four steps: 1. Don’t Panic Just like losing your mobile phone or your car keys, losing your credit card is a troublesome thing. However, panicking about your loss is not going to help. Instead, act quickly and report your loss to the relevant...

Hard and Soft Credit Inquiries: Drawing the Line


If you are a product, your credit score is the price tag. It conveys the cost of onboarding you as a customer that banks will have to bear over your lifetime. Naturally, the lower this cost is, the better your chances are of selling yourself. But, how do banks determine your credit score? This is where the crux of our topic lies. To understand the process, let’s first look at the two types of...

Finding a place called home before you turn 30


While buying a house in your twenties may seem like a daunting idea to some, it is not an impossible task. Getting a home loan in India is easier than ever today and tax exemptions act as cherries on the top. In fact, the Aspiration Index of 2019 reveals that ‘Buying a Home’ is the leading aspiration for both men and women in the age bracket of 22-45 years. Hence, buying a house in your 20s is...

Will your investments test their metal in gold?


Gold has been in circulation since 560 B.C, both as a currency and precious metal. But when it comes to its performance as an investment tool, opinions are largely polarised. This article aims to debunk some of the major myths around the same. Let’s begin by answering a fundamental question – where does the value of Gold come from? Consider the recent investment mayhem of Bitcoin, a virtual...

Why fixed deposits may never make you rich


Before we jump the gun, let’s get the basics sorted. There is no denying that Fixed Deposits are one of the safest investment instruments that you can get your hands on. But there is a catch (there always is). Before we dive into the heart of the matter, let’s build the case by looking at some of the long-term pitfalls of investing only in Fixed Deposits (FDs): 1. Inflation Significantly Erodes...

Apple proves that the future of credit cards is no card at all


But will it stand the test of time? Apple’s latest innovation has taken quite an unconventional route – a credit card that turns heads. And while the brand has maintained its minimalistic design philosophy, the card goes beyond the mundane fabric of utility. Apple has skilfully struck the ‘proverbial’ chord once again and the design speaks volumes about the company’s vision – a white...

Apple’s credit card is all set to hit the market


But, would it come to India? Apple has been known to disrupt the market, whether it is through its technology or through its devices. But now Apple has decided to take it one step further with the Apple card. The Apple Card lives within the Apple Pay wallet app of the smartphone, and is nurtured in partnership with Mastercard and Goldman Sachs. The Cupertino-based company is reinventing how we...

Don’t let cash withdrawals on your credit card become a costly affair


Your credit card doesn’t work like your debit card. Withdrawing cash from an ATM seems a normal thing to do. But the road to credit cards often run deeper than just that because withdrawing from a debit card does not work the same as withdrawing from a credit card. Although the transaction process is the same as your debit card, there are certain fees and charges that come attached to...

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