How to Pay Credit Card Bill


As a salaried professional, a credit card can make your life much easier by helping you financially during emergencies, or with instant cash withdrawal to support your purchases.

You can also use a best credit card to pay for a lot of services such as your rent, electricity and telephone bills, and even on your internet and cable bills.

Getting a credit card is the easiest part; however, managing the bills is difficult, especially if your bill deadlines fall at the end of the month. 

With a heap of bills piling up and the problems and tensions of day to day life, it is getting harder than ever before to keep track of these bills. It is only natural to forget to pay the credit card bills within the due date.

Moreover, the downsides of not being able to pay your credit card bills can be damaging to your financial health. Not being able to pay bills may typically result in a small penalty fee. However, if you do not pay your credit card bills within the due date, you need to pay an added penalty rate of interest on unpaid dues every month.

Additionally, it will also adversely affect your credit score. Moreover, as the debt accumulates, you may find yourself stuck with paying a considerable amount that would never have existed if only you knew exactly how to pay credit card bills in the first place.

Read on to discover some of the hassle-free methods to pay your credit card bills.

How to Pay Your Credit Card Bill?

There are two modes of making credit card bill payments – offline and online.

If you are Internet savvy and have a good internet connection, you can try doing so online. However, you can also try offline methods if you are not comfortable dealing with things online. 

Offline Methods of Credit Card Bill Payment

If you do not have a good internet connection, or if you aren’t comfortable, you can apply for offline payment of bills.

These offline methods include the following:

1. Call Customer Care

Many credit card issuers offer you the facility to pay your credit card bills through a customer care call, and the bill payment is immediate. However, you need to either maintain a savings or a current account with the credit card issuer, so that the money can be transferred. 

The process is mostly automated. Hence, you don’t need to worry about anyone stealing your credit card details.

2. Payment Through ATM

You can pay your credit card bills through the ATM as well, and with immediate effect. You only need to have a debit card from the credit card issuer. After approaching the nearest ATM and inserting the debit card, you can transfer the money to pay your credit card bills.

The money is transferred via your debit card from your savings or current account to pay the credit card bills.

3. Walk into the Card Issuer’s Nearest Branch Office

For people who aren’t comfortable using technology, it is easier to walk into a bank and deposit your bills. You can go to the bank, fill up a deposit form, stand in a queue, and clear your credit card bills via a cash deposit.

The payment takes one working day to go through, but you might need to pay some counter fees.

4. Via Cheque or Demand Draft

Although this option is one of the most time-consuming, it is still a viable solution. Since there is hardly any queue in the dropbox, many people still prefer this option.

While paying the bills, you need to keep in mind to fill up the cheque or demand draft appropriately, in favour of the credit card account. If the issuing authority is the same for the cheque and the credit card, it usually takes up to three working days. For some card issuers, the time limit can be up to five working days, whereas outstation cheques can take anywhere from 12-21 days to validate and transfer.

Hence, while using this option, one must be careful to take into account the time lag, so that it is possible to clear bills before the due date.

Online Methods of Credit Card Bill Payment

If you ask people, “How do you like to pay your credit card bills?”, an overwhelming majority will say that they prefer online modes.

The reason is that it is easier to apply for online methods because they are available at will, and all you require is a good internet connection.

Below are a few methods of clearing credit card bills through online means:


Cred is an online credit card payment app through which one can pay off their credit card bills on time. The entire process is quite convenient, because users can check their credit scores and also win various rewards and cashbacks on successfully completing the payment. 

2. Instant Money Payment Service

Also known as IMPS, this service is the most common way to pay one’s credit card bills. It uses a system of mobile money identifiers to process funds, through authorized numbers.

You can easily apply for IMPS with the following steps.

  • Log in to the mobile banking account and apply for payment via IMPS through a merchant account.
  • Enter all relevant details, including MMID, your credit card number, and the fund amount, and send.

You can also apply via internet banking for IMPS, using the bank IFSC code, and other details.

3. National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) and Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)

To apply for NEFT or RTGS, you need to have internet banking enabled on your account.

The process for applying is as follows:

  • After logging into internet banking, you need to develop the list of your credit card billers.
  • After entering the bank details of the biller, which includes their bank name, account number, branch, and IFSC code, you can easily send the payments via NEFT/RTGS.
  • Now, you can furnish the billing amount to your credit card number.

RTGS takes half an hour, whereas NEFT can take a working day to execute the transfer.

4. Mobile App Payments

Several financial institutions have launched this feature by launching their applications. You need to enter your card and mobile details to transfer funds from your account to credit card, which is verified through OTP. Today, you can also pay your credit card bills through wallet payment apps. 

Additionally, by using a service like CRED, you can also get rewards on your credit card payments, every time you use your card to pay.


Credit card bills are a compulsion, and if you cannot pay them on time, you are simply accumulating debt. As a salaried professional, you seldom have the time for everything, and bill payments can sometimes get your mind. However, since there are various ways to pay your bill, both online and offline, you have the benefit of choosing how to keep your credit card payments in check.

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