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Want to keep track of your credit card transactions to budget your monthly spending? Then, you should be viewing your credit card statement regularly. Kotak Mahindra Bank enables you to view as well as download your credit card statement online. Read this article to know the ways of obtaining and understanding your credit card statement. 

How Do I Register For Kotak Credit Card Statement?

Kotak Mahindra Bank allows you to view and download your credit card statement. You can also register to get your credit card e-statement on email ID.

Registration For Credit Card E-Statement via Net Banking

  1. Log in to your net banking account
  2. Use your CRN number as your user ID and enter your password
  3. You can generate a password by clicking on ‘Get Net Banking Password Online’ if you haven’t registered for net banking
  4. Click on Credit Card > Service Request > Register for e-statements
  5. You will be able to successfully register for credit card e-statement and receive it on your email ID

Registration For Credit Card E-Statement via SMS

To register for Kotak credit card statement, send an SMS to Kotak Mahindra Bank in the format ‘GREEN’ to 5676788 from your registered mobile number. 

Registration For Credit Card E-Statement via Customer Care

You can also register for credit card statement by contacting the Kotak customer care. The Kotak customer care number is 1860-266-2666 which is available 24/7 for your queries.

How Can I View and Download Kotak Credit Card Statement?

View Credit Card E-Statement

You can follow these steps to understand how to view your credit card statement via mobile banking.

  1. Log in to your mobile banking app and click on Credit Card > CC Statement.
  2. You will now be able to view your credit card statement successfully.

Download Credit Card E-Statement

You can follow the steps given below to understand how to download your credit card statement via internet banking.

  1. Log in to your internet banking app and click on Credit Card  > Statement
  2. You will now be able to download your credit card statement successfully.

You can also visit the Kotak SMS alert page to view your credit card balance and get daily updates.

What Are The Benefits of Kotak Bank Credit Card Statement?

Here are some benefits of opting for Kotak credit card statement:

  • You are able to access your e-statement on your phone or desktop without any hassle
  • The e-statement file sent to you is password protected making sure that your information is safe
  • Kotak Bank issues your credit card statements without levying any charges
  • You can download and save your credit card statements if you wish to maintain a record of all statements offline
  • Online statements are environment-friendly

Common Terminology Used for Credit Cards 

Payment Due Date

The term payment due date means the date before which the credit card bill payment has to be made to the bank. If the payment is not made before the due date, some charges might be levied upon you as a penalty.

Minimum Amount Due

The term minimum amount due means the minimum amount that needs to be paid before the payment due date. Paying this minimum amount creates a good impression of your account. A late fee might be levied on you if you are not able to pay this amount

Total Amount Due

Total amount due is the total amount that you owe to the bank after spending from your credit card. This amount has to be paid back to the bank before the due date.

Closing Balance

The term closing balance means the total amount remaining in your card by the end of each statement period.

Transaction Summary

Transaction Summary gives you a summary of your spendings on various things. This summary gives you a quick insight into your spendings.

Reward Points

Rewards points are the points that you have accumulated by carrying out transactions over time. You can also view the validity of the reward points.

How Do I Correct An Error In Credit Card Statement?

If you notice any mistakes or errors in your credit card statement, you need to get it rectified to be able to pay off your credit card bills. Here is how you can rectify the error in your statement.

  • You can file a complaint with HSBC Bank regarding the suspected transaction. The bank needs to be informed as soon as possible to prevent any charges being levied on you. If you file the dispute charge within 3 days of the transaction, you will not be liable to any charges.
  • The complaint will be resolved within 90 days from the date of filing the transaction dispute.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Kotak Mahindra Bank continue to issue physical statements if I have registered for e-statements?

No, Kotak Bank will discontinue sending the hard copies of your credit card statements if you opt for e-statements. You can request a hard copy by contacting customer care.

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