Generate your Kotak Credit Card PIN with ease


Additional security for your card.

If you have a credit card or have applied for one recently, you may know that credit cards come with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to safeguard your transactions. This PIN is only known to you to ensure security while accessing your bank account. Your credit card PIN consists of 4 digits and is often provided by the bank. This predetermined PIN given by the bank can be difficult to memorise and hence, Kotak Bank allows you to generate your credit card PIN and change it for your ease. Read the article to know how to generate your Kotak credit card PIN along with tips on keeping the PIN safe.

Generating Your Kotak Credit Card PIN

Here are three methods of generating your Kotak credit card PIN:

How to Generate Kotak Credit Card PIN Online

Follow these steps to understand how to generate your credit card PIN:

  • Using Net Banking
  1. Log in to your Kotak Net Banking account
  2. Select Credit Cards > Change or Create 6-Digit Chip Debit Card / ATM PIN
  3. Enter your credit card details asked on the website
  4. Input your new 6-digit PIN and re-enter it to generate a new password
  • Using Mobile Banking
  1. Log in to your Kotak mobile banking account
  2. Select Credit Card > Re-generate PIN
  3. Enter your credit card details
  4. Input your new 6-digit PIN and re-enter it to generate a new password
  • Using Kotak’s Website
  1. Go to the PIN generation page on Kotak’s website:
  2. Select ‘Credit Card’ and enter your credit card details
  3. Input your new 6-digit PIN and re-enter it to generate a new password

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Tips On How To Keep Your Credit Card PIN Safe

  1. Always make sure that you are alone while entering the ATM .
  2. Make sure to check if the card slot is intact with no dummy card readers attached to the original one. You can authenticate the card slot by lightly shaking the slot to check if it moves and seems loosely attached. 
  3. Never share your credit card PIN with people or write it down. Make sure to not share it over emails, messages, etc.
  4. Choose a credit card PIN that is not obvious like your birthday, your parent’s birthday, etc. Keep it simple, yet something that cannot be guessed.
  5. Avoid saving your PIN details for websites where you make online transactions. Also, do not auto-save your credit card PIN on transactional websites.
  6. Use websites for transactions that start with ‘HTTPS’ as they are secure and safeguard your personal details.
  7. Change your PIN frequently as a precautionary measure and go through your account statement to check if any suspicious activity has taken place.
  8. Avoid using the same PIN for every card that you have. If one of your cards gets compromised, it could lead to all of the other cards getting compromised as well.
  9. Never share your PIN with anyone asking you for your personal details. Even if it is an employee from the bank. Also, beware of scam emails and phone calls asking you for your credit card and other personal information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I generate my credit card PIN if my card is blocked?

You will have to unblock your credit card to be able to change the credit card PIN.

What is a CVV number?

CVV number is a 3-digit number present on the backside of your credit card. It is required during an online transaction for verification.

What should I do if my credit card gets lost or is stolen?

You should block your credit card immediately by contacting the Kotak Bank customer care.

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