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Citibank offers a wide range of credit cards that cater to the lifestyle needs and other requirements of the cardholders. also, credit cards from Citibank offer numerous benefits and privileges while you do online shopping, travel, book air tickets and do much more. Citi rewards credit card, Indian Oil Citi credit card, Citi cash back credit card, Citi prestige credit card, etc. are a few options that you can apply for.

while you apply for a Citibank credit card and receive the same, it is compulsory to generate a 4-digit pin. after the successful generation of the pin generation, you will be able to make online transactions, make payments through your Citi credit card at retail stores or withdraw money from ATMs. in addition to this, the pin that you generate protects all your transactions that you make through the Citi credit card and offers enhanced safety. 

in the article below, you will get to know the methods of Citibank credit card pin generation, and easy tips to keep your pin safe.

Generating Your Citibank Credit Card PIN

listed down are the three methods through which you can generate your Citibank credit card pin:

How to Generate Citibank Credit Card PIN via ATM

you need to visit a Citibank atm to generate your credit card pin. to do the same, you can follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  • insert your Citibank credit card in ATM machine and select the language of your choice from the options that appear on the screen
  • enter your credit card number and your date of birth in dd / mm / yyyy format
  • on your registered mobile number, you will receive a OTP (one time password)
  • key in the OTP and further enter a new 4-digit pin of your choice 
  • after generating the new pin, the bank will send you a message on your mobile number for confirmation

How to Generate Citibank Credit Card PIN via Internet Banking

it is also possible to generate your Citibank credit card pin through your Citibank internet banking account via steps mentioned below:

  • log in to your Citibank internet banking account using your credentials
  • select credit card > change pin
  • you will receive an OTP (one time password) on your registered mobile number
  • enter the OTP and set a new 4-digit pin of your choice
  • on successful generation of the pin, you will receive a confirmation message from the bank 

How to Generate Citibank Credit Card PIN via IVRS

you can make use of the IVRS service provided by the bank to generate your Citibank credit card. below are the steps that you can follow for generating pin through IVRS:

  • call the customer care helpline number of the Citibank i.e. 1860 210 2484 or 022 4955 2484
  • when asked, key in your Citi credit card number
  • now select the option for pin change
  • as required, key in your registered date of birth
  • input the OTP sent to your registered mobile number for authorisation 
  • generate pin for your credit card by entering 4-digit numeric combination

Do’s and don’ts that you should follow to safeguard your credit card pin

  • make sure to enter the ATM alone
  • check if the card slot is unbroken without any dummy card reader attached to the original one
  • never share your credit card pin with others or note it down in a diary or a notebook. also, don’t share your pin over messages or emails
  • avoid choosing a credit card pin, which is not obvious like your birthday, your spouse’s birthday, etc. it should not be complicated but at the same time it should be something that can’t be guessed easily
  • do not save pin details on the websites where you make online transactions
  • make transactions on the websites that start with ‘https’ as they are safe to use and keep your personal details intact
  • try changing your credit card pin frequently and check your account statement frequently for any suspicious activity 
  • do not set the same pin for all your cards as this will lead to all your cards getting compromised 
  • do not share your credit card pin or personal details with anyone. no matter if the person says he/she is calling from the bank. 
  • keep a check on the scam emails and phone calls that ask you to share your bank account details, credit card pin, and other information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

can i generate my credit card pin if my card is blocked?

to generate or change your Citibank credit card pin, you will have to unblock your credit card first.

what is a cvv number?

cvv (card verification value) is a 3-digit number, which is present on the backside of your credit card. this number is required for verification at the time of online transactions.

what should i do if my credit card gets lost or is stolen?

in case your credit card gets lost or is stolen, you should immediately call the customer care of Citibank and get the card blocked.

how do i change my Citibank credit card pin?

you can change your Citibank credit card pin through two ways:

  • net banking 
  • visiting atm

can i change my citi credit card pin online?

you can easily change your Citibank credit card pin online through the internet banking portal of the bank.

how can i generate my Citibank credit card pin online?

step 1: log in to your Citibank net banking account using your credentials.

step 2: click ‘credit card options’ and further click on the option ‘change pin’.

step 3: you will receive an otp to the registered mobile number.

step 4: for confirmation, enter the received otp and click on the option ‘continue’.

step 5: change the pin as per your preference.

step 6: confirm the pin and click on the option ‘submit’.

what if i forgot my Citibank credit card pin?

follow the steps below:

can i change Citibank credit card pin at any bank’s atm?

you can change your citi credit card pin by visiting Citibank atm only.

is citi credit card pin required for online transactions?

you always require your credit card pin for authenticating the transactions that you make online.

can i use my Citibank credit card to withdraw money?

Citibank cash advance facilitates you with a money withdrawal option within your credit card limit. you can use your Citibank credit card to withdraw cash at ATMs nationwide or overseas.

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