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Want to keep track of your credit card transactions to budget your monthly spending? Then, you should be viewing your credit card statement, regularly. Through this article, you can learn the ways of obtaining and understanding your credit card statement.

How do I Get Axis Bank Credit Card Statement?

There are a couple of ways to get your hands on your credit card statement. You can place an online request for your Axis credit card statement. You can also register to get your credit card e-statement on your phone or laptop every month or daily.

Request For A Credit Card Statement Online

  1. Go to Axis Bank’s Credit Card Statement Request page 
  2. Enter your credit card details: Your name, credit card number, date of birth and credit card validity
  3. You will be able to view your credit card statement once these details are submitted

Register For Credit Card E-Statement

You can register for a credit card e-statement through five modes to receive it every month or on a daily basis.

Internet Banking

  1. Log in to your internet banking account
  2. Click on My Profile > Contact Details Update
  3. Update your email ID to successfully register for a credit card e-statement

Axis Bank Website

  1. Go to Axis Bank’s E-Statement Registration page
  2. Enter your details including customer ID, account number and your date of birth to register for credit card e-statement successfully
  3. Customer Care


You can call the Axis Bank’s customer care on 1860-419-5555 and 1860-500-555 to request a monthly e-statement.


You can also send an SMS in the format ‘GREEN’ to 5676782 to get registered for credit card e-statements.

Axis Bank Branch 

You may also visit the nearest Axis Bank’s branch to register for credit card e-statements.

What are the benefits of statements?

Here are some benefits of opting for an online Axis credit card statement:

  1. You are able to access your spends on your phone or desktop without any hassle
  2. The e-statement file sent to you is password protected making sure that your information is safe
  3. Axis Bank issues your credit card statements without levying any charges
  4. You can download and save your credit card statements if you wish to maintain a record of all statements offline
  5. Online statements are environment-friendly 

Terms Used In Axis Bank Credit Card Statement

Payment Due Date

The term payment due date means the date before which the payment has to be made to the bank. If the payment is not made before the due date, penalty charges are levied.

Minimum Amount Due

The term minimum amount due means the minimum amount that needs to be paid before the payment due date. A late fee might be levied on you if you are not able to pay this amount.

Total Amount Due

Total amount due is the total amount that you owe to the bank. 

Transaction Summary

Transaction Summary gives you a summary of your spending over a given period.

Credit Limit

Credit Limit is the total amount extended to you by your credit card issuer.

Available Credit Limit

The available credit limit is the total balance amount remaining on your credit card in the given statement cycle. This is the amount that you can spend in the current cycle.

Available Cash Limit

The available cash limit is the amount of cash that you can withdraw from an ATM in the current statement cycle of your credit card.

What do I do in case I notice an error?

If you notice any mistakes or errors on your credit card statement, it is best that you get this rectified before you pay your bill. You can fill the Cardholder Dispute Form (CDF) and submit it to Axis Bank by visiting the local branch or by sending it via email. You can keep the following documents, pertaining to the situation ready during the investigation process:

  1. When the product delivered or services rendered weren’t as described by the merchant: The document or slip obtained via courier or post can be submitted to prove that the product/service was returned.
  2. When the transaction was cancelled but no refund was made: The refund note, confirmation message of cancellation or refund sent by merchant or credit slip can be kept handy.
  3. There may also be instances like cash not being dispensed from the ATM but getting charged for it, getting billed multiple times, being incorrectly billed for a product, etc. A cash receipt or cheque receipt can be submitted as proof for such situations.

The resolution of the dispute may take 120 days from the day the bank raises a chargeback for the disputed transaction. If the dispute is resolved successfully, you will receive a message from the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the various modes of contacting Axis Bank for a transactional dispute on a credit card statement?

You can contact the Axis Bank by calling the customer care number. Visit the Axis customer care page to know the helpline number. Another way is to visit a local Axis Bank branch. You can also fill out the CDF form and submit it to the bank via email or by visiting the branch.

How is a temporary credit initiated by the bank for a transactional dispute?

The temporary credit, which had been credited/debited from your account, is initiated in your credit card account and is blocked until the investigation is over. After the dispute has been settled, this amount will be debited or credited accordingly.

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