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American Express Gold Card

Are you looking for a credit card that can offer premium benefits on travelling, dining, lifestyle and more? Let’s take you through all that there is to know Read this article to know the features and benefits of Amex Gold Card along with the details on how you can apply for it, eligibility criteria, and fees and charges. Enjoy exclusive travel deals and offers on premium hotels in the world.

American Express Gold Card: Features and benefits

Welcome Gift– 4,000 bonus membership reward points
Membership Reward Points– 1,000 reward points for the completion of 6 transactions worth INR 1000 or more every month
Additional Rewards on Card Renewal– 5,000 reward points upon first-year card renewal and payment of annual membership fee.

Travel Benefits

– Access to benefits under The Hotel Collection
– Room upgrade (if available) and USD 100 hotel credit if you stay for 2 consecutive nights at over 400 hotels worldwide
– Bonus membership reward points for eligible booking at the American Express Travel Online
Dining Discounts– 20% off on your meal every time you dine at select restaurants
No Pre-Set Limit Advantage– Charges are accepted based on your spending pattern, credit record, account history and finances (this benefit however does not mean that unlimited spending is allowed)
Fuel Convenience Benefits– 0% convenience charges on purchase of fuel for transaction less than INR 25,000 and 0.3% convenience charges for transaction above or equal to INR 25,000
Secure Transactions– Secure contactless cards can be used for a purchase of less than INR 2,000
Reward Point Program: Gold Collection18 Karat Gold Collection
– Redeem 18 Karat Gold Collection on collecting 18,000 points
– The collection includes Amazon gift voucher worth INR 8,000, Tanishq voucher worth INR 7,500 and statement credit worth INR 7,500

24 Karat Gold Collection
– Redeem 24 Karat Gold Collection on collecting 24,000 points
– The collection includes American Express Domestic Travel Online voucher worth INR 11,000, Statement credit worth INR 10,000 and Bose SoundLink Colour II Bluetooth Speaker

Gold Services
– 24/7 assistance regarding your credit card
– Resolution of dispute
– Limited liabilities
– Emergency replacement of card
– Two supplementary Amex Gold Cards without any charges

How to apply for American Express Gold Card?

Follow these steps given to know how to apply for American Express Gold Card:

  1. Go to American Express Gold Card page.
  2. Scroll down to the ‘Apply Now’ section and click on ‘Apply’.
  3. You will need to fill up an application form along with your financial and additional information.
  4. This form can now be submitted for review. The bank will verify your details and accordingly approve or reject your credit card application.
  5. You can also track your credit card application online or contact the Amex customer care for more queries.

Am I eligible to apply?

You will be eligible to apply for the card if you fulfil the criteria mentioned below:

  1. You should above the age of 18 years
  2. You should have an annual income of more than INR 6 lakhs
  3. You should have a good credit history with no past payment defaults
  4. If you are self-employed, your company should be trading for more than 12 months

What are the documents needed for me to submit the form?

  1. Your KYC documents like PAN card, address proof and ID proof
  2. Income proof which includes your salary slip or Form 16
  3. Passport-size coloured photograph

What are the various fees and charges attached to this card?

Types of ChargesAmount
Joining FeeNil
Annual FeeINR 4,500 + Taxes
Add-on CardNo charges for 2 supplementary cards and INR 1,500 for each subsequent supplementary card
Renewal ChargesFirst Year Fee: INR 1,000 + TaxesSecond Year Fee: INR 4,500 + Taxes
Late Payment Charges5% charge on the outstanding balance which is minimum INR 300
Interest Rate in case of DefaultNA
Card Replacement ChargesINR 1,000 will be charged if reported after 3 days and Nil if reported within 3 days
Overlimit ChargesINR 500 will be levied upon transactions over the credit limit
Cash Advance Fees3.5% of the cash advance amount with a minimum charge of INR 250
Foreign Currency Transaction Charge3.5%
Duplicate Statement FeeINR 100 per statement for statements older than 3 months
Air Miles Redemption FeeINR 250 for redeeming one air mile

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

On what kind of transactions will I earn membership reward points?

You can earn membership reward points on all transactions except for fuel, insurance, utilities and cash transactions.

How may membership reward points do I earn on my transactions?

You will one membership reward on every INR 50 spent.

What is the cash withdrawal limit for the Amex Gold Card?

You can withdraw INR 10,000 after every 14 days.

What is the standard add-on card fee for Amex Gold Card?

The add-on card fee for Amex gold card is INR 1,500.

What are the liabilities of a cardholder for loss/theft/misuse of credit card?

The liabilities arising out of unauthorised usage of Amex gold card will be zero if it is reported within 3 working days of the fraud. If it is reported after 3 days, then a maximum liability of INR 1,000 will be levied.

What is the benefit of using an Amex Gold Contactless Card?

The American Express Gold Contactless Card allows you to use your card easily and conveniently by tapping it to the specially marked Amex contactless reader. This means that you do not have to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) or signature.

I already have an Amex credit card, can I get a contactless card?

All Amex cards do not have this feature. If your existing card is eligible for updation, your next renewal or replacement card will contain this feature.

What if I have to pay for an amount of more than INR 2,000, will I be able to use the contactless card?

No, you will be able to make a payment of more than INR 2000 with your Amex Gold Card using the contactless feature. For such transactions, you will have to enter your PIN or signature.

Is there a risk of being charged for a transaction while passing by the contactless terminal?

The contactless machines have a certain range for carrying out the transaction. Your card will need to be within 4 centimetres of the contactless terminal for the transaction to take place successfully.

Will I be charged extra for using the contactless feature?

No extra charges will be levied for using the contactless feature.

Is there a daily limit for the number of purchases that I can make by using contactless card?

Yes, the number of transactions via contactless cards is limited for security purposes.

What if I don’t want the contactless feature, can I disable it?

No, this feature cannot be disabled. You can use your card by swiping it if you do not wish to use the contactless feature.

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