Averting Cloud Misconfiguration at Scale with DIAL


Cloud misconfigurations are a major cause of cloud security breaches with more than 40% breaches that are attributed to it.  The autonomy constraints to build and establish a mature cloud native incident response are deemed to exist industry wide. Attackers and defenders thrive for a cat-and-mouse game on ever growing cloud assets and it has raised alarms in Information Security teams across all...

The Cosmos of CRED Application Security


Introduction As much as we take pride in our elegant design and stunning UI, we share the same if not more delight and dignity when it comes to the security of our app. CRED has always been on top of its security, our main motive has always been and will always be to provide users a beautiful and secure experience over our app. Security has become one of the pillars of CRED workflow from the...

The Peanut, Butter, and Jelly in Cloud Security


Introduction The continued and exponential growth in business is cognizant and proportional to the compounding demand for scaling infrastructure on a constant basis. As we determine the pace of scale, the significance of keeping up the supply and demand of security tends to remain crucial, all for the growth factor. In our quest to achieve the same here at CRED, we explored various cloud native...

How to build a security-first culture: lessons from CRED


There are two types of companies: one where security is seen as an after-thought and the other where security is of the utmost importance.  What about the in-betweeners, you ask?  At CRED, we genuinely believe that there are no in-betweeners to the above rule. And that’s probably why we belong to the latter camp. This is especially true since ours is an enterprise where we have to work...

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