World, meet Synth: Open-sourcing our Neumorphic UI framework


Synth, our UI framework for implementing Neumorphic designs, is now open-source. We are excited to see how the community uses this and eventually, as they always do, turn Neumorphism from a ‘just a trend’ into the next big chapter in product design. Access our Synth library through the following:For Android: HereFor iOS: Here What really is Neumorphism? Neumorphism is a recent breakaway from the...

CRED Goes Copper


We recently rolled out Copper, a new design system that reimagines the CRED experience based on how our members have engaged with us over the past 18 months, what they have loved or disliked, and also to plan for a future with new offerings on CRED. CRED’s design is guided by the principles of art and science. For us, it’s as important to offer a beautiful, polished experience as it is to be...

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CRED is a members-only platform that rewards the creditworthy individuals of India with exclusive experiences, rewards and upgrades.

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