How to build a security-first culture: lessons from CRED


There are two types of companies: one where security is seen as an after-thought and the other where security is of the utmost importance.  What about the in-betweeners, you ask?  At CRED, we genuinely believe that there are no in-betweeners to the above rule. And that’s probably why we belong to the latter camp. This is especially true since ours is an enterprise where we have to work...

CRED Goes Copper


We recently rolled out Copper, a new design system that reimagines the CRED experience based on how our members have engaged with us over the past 18 months, what they have loved or disliked, and also to plan for a future with new offerings on CRED. CRED’s design is guided by the principles of art and science. For us, it’s as important to offer a beautiful, polished experience as it is to be...

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