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Update on meal donation campaign: 1.2+ million meals contributed so far


When we initiated the mission in August 2021 to help members donate dry ration kits to underprivileged communities affected by COVID-19, we had an ambitious mission to chase: 1 million meals. In the past few months, the support from our members has helped not just reach this mission but progress much further, with the total contribution from the CRED community helping us donate over 1.2+ million...

Making your savings work for you


Sometimes days move at a breathtaking speed. Before you know it, the day’s done. The days when you do nothing are important. They reboot your mind. But unlike people, money shouldn’t sit idle. It needs to keep working. But how do you make your money more productive? Why can’t it just do nothing? Idle money loses value because it cannot keep up with inflation. And like every LinkedIn post will...

P2P finance in a high trust community


A Peer to Peer (P2P) service connects lenders and borrowers, enabling individuals to get  loans directly from others like them. P2P finance makes borrowing and investing easier — with application, identification and verification processes running digitally. In addition, P2P Finance offers borrowers lower interest rates and enables higher returns for investors due to fewer overhead expenses. It...

Final update on Oxygen mission: you’ve helped deploy an additional 110 million litres of O2


In the past months, the support from CRED members has helped us not just reach our initial mission targets but progress even further: so far, ₹10 crores have been channeled to contribute over 210 million litres of oxygen every month. The generous contribution by CRED members of their CRED coins has helped us channel ₹10 crores in May this year to our on-ground partners at Give India, Milaap and...

Update on Oxygen mission: 100 Million O2 Litres Deployed


In the past 10 days, CRED members have helped us progress in our mission to deploy over 1 billion litres of oxygen. Over 750,000 of them have generously contributed their CRED coins toward the cause helping us channel ₹10 crores to our on ground partners, Give India, Milaap, and Hemkunt Foundation enabling them to rapidly mobilize the equipment needed to reach our goal.  After already deploying a...

Update on Oxygen mission: 450 oxygen concentrators received.


Over the last week, more than 7.5 lakh CRED members pledged their CRED coins and helped us initiate deploying funds of ₹10 crores to our partners at Milaap, Hemkunt Foundation, and Give India. These organisations are placing orders for necessary equipment for hospitals and healthcare organisations, and having them shipped this week. The contributions shared with Milaap have helped accelerate...

How we at CRED are responding to the COVID crisis


at CRED, we have always believed in the power of the community. of people coming together and making the impossible happen. we see it everyday at CRED, as our team works from all across the country. we see it now, as so many of you are showing up to help each other and mobilize resources.  in a time of crisis like this,  here’s how we’re directing our resources to support our community: procuring...

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