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Here’s everything you need to know about paying credit card bills. How to pay them, when to pay, and what way. Skills to pay the bills!

Meet the CRED member who won a Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé


On 24th October, we launched a raffle on CRED. The idea was simple, our members could earn CRED coins by paying their credit card bills on time, and use those coins to participate in the raffle where they had the chance to win a Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé. Sangeeta Khanna, a celebrity makeup artist from Mumbai, was announced as the winner of this raffle , on 8th Novemeber. As far as having your good...

How Credit Card Bill Payment Affects Your Credit Score


It’s hard to imagine a world without any plastic money. But a flashy credit card is also more of a responsibility than what you might realise. For example, you have to be mindful of what you spend on your card so that you don’t struggle with your bill payments later. You must also be cautious about paying your credit card bills on time, as improper credit card management can lead to a low...

How To Do RBL Credit Card Payment?


A credit card is a reliable financial tool offering credit facilities from banking and financial institutions. You can use them to increase your purchasing power, enjoy credit card bill payments convenience through EMI, gain credit loans, and even avail cash withdrawal facility.  However, it comes with the responsibility of paying off the credit card bill on time. Hence, you must make these...

How To Convert Credit Card Payment To EMI?

reasons to use a credit card

Do you want to surprise your parents with an air conditioner to keep them cope up with the scorching summers but don’t have the budget for it? Or, you probably have your eyes set on the latest smartphone, but the price is holding you back. If you’re in a situation that stops you from making large purchases – financial emergencies or otherwise – your credit card can come to...

How To Convert HDFC Credit Card Payment To EMI

HDFC EMI Payment

Many banking and financial organizations offer you the convenience of converting your purchases into smaller monthly repayments, also known as Equated Monthly Installments or EMIs. Such a feature gives you the option of converting your high-value credit card purchases into manageable bits so that you can plan your finances better without any additional strain in any single month.  For...

How To Convert ICICI Credit Card Payment to EMI

Convert ICICI credit card payment to EMI

If you own a credit card (and who doesn’t nowadays), you must settle your bill every month. Each credit card has a billing cycle, and it culminates with the monthly billing date. If you’re trying to be more financially responsible, knowing your ICICI credit card’s monthly billing date will make your life a lot easier. Once your new card is activated, the first thing you should...

10 Things To Know When Making Credit Card Bill Payment

Credit card bill payment

Getting a credit card in your mail is a day of remarkable achievement. After all, it establishes your financial independence and opens the door to a better lifestyle. However, it is only the first step in many ways. As long as you use them judiciously and follow a few simple rules, credit cards can be a blessing in disguise. Paying your credit card bills is one such factor that you need to be...

How To Convert SBI Credit Card Payment To EMI

Convert ICICI credit card payment to EMI

Shopping involves one basic rule:  You like something. You decide to take it.You’re asked to swipe your credit card or pay cash.And done. This two-way transaction has been a norm across the globe. But, how does the thought of swiping the card and having the option to repay the due in instalments sound?  Exciting? We bet it does.  This conversion facility by SBI has gathered a...

Credit Card Bill Payment – Google Pay, PayTM etc – Comparison

Credit Card Bill Payment

In the current age, a credit card has become a necessity and an important financial tool. It is not only used for shopping or vacations, but also for several everyday purposes, including paying bills, buying groceries, and much more.  Banks are offering a wide variety of credit cards to suit everyone’s needs. Some are great for shopping freaks, while some are specially issued for frequent...

How to do HDFC Credit Card Payment


HDFC Bank is one of the best and most renowned private banks in India. It offers a wide range of credit cards with lots of features and rewards. Along with the wide range of customized credit cards to choose from, which makes it more convenient for you to pay off your debt, they also offer lots of options when it comes to the credit card bill payments.   As a fact, HDFC is one of the best credit...

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