10 Best Premium Credit Cards in India


In India, almost every other bank offers a quality credit card with the promise of innumerable benefits and features. However, finding the best premium credit card in India can still be a task. For a salaried employee, it can be quite challenging to find a best credit card with the appropriate annual fee and minimum income requirement. 

Some credit cards offer exclusive benefits for shoppers, while others offer various rewards and programs to their customers. However, with a premium card, you may want to look beyond the ordinary benefits and rewards on the card and assess what more is in store for you. Here are some exemplary premium credit cards that offer the best rewards to its patrons. 

The Best Premium Credit Cards In India

1. American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card

The bonus feature of this credit card is the reward points which come with every spend on this card. What’s great is that each of these points can be redeemed for a fruitful reward. Here are some notable features of this card: 

  • Requires minimum income of INR 40,000/- every month
  • Annual fee of INR 1,000/- is applicable.
  • Earn reward points for every rupee spent on the card.

2. Indian Oil Citi Platinum Credit Card

Do you want to save some bucks every time you refuel your vehicle? This credit card is an excellent way to earn some decent benefits and save your money on fuel costs. The features of this card are:

  • Earn turbo points and fuel surcharge waiver which saves the cost of up to 70 litres of fuel.
  • Carries an annual fee of INR 1,000/-.
  • Additional benefits and rewards.

3. HSBC Cashback Credit Card

For the avid shopper in you, this is the perfect credit card to save yourself some money and earn discounts at the same time. The shopping credit card is best for those who shop a lot using their credit card. Here are some features of this credit card which does not entail any joining fee: 

  • You should be earning a minimum amount of INR 4 lakhs in a year to obtain this card.
  • Get a special cashback on every spend.
  • Avail partner offers and global card access.

4. Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card

This is the ideal credit card that provides a handsome return to its users each time they make use of it. Not only does it carry a very reasonable annual fee of INR 750/-, but it also requires a minimum income of Rs. 55,000/-. Here’s what you should know about this option: 

  • Get a handsome cashback of 5% on spending such as fuel and recharges.
  • Obtain various discounts on shopping and utility bill payments.

5. HDFC Regalia Credit Card

This is a wholesome credit card option for those who want the best of everything. With this card, you can bag a number of discounts and cashback options on every spending. With an annual fee of INR 2,500, you can get access to the following benefits: 

  • Available on the basis of a monthly income of INR 90,000/- and more.
  • Earn reward points for every spend and achieve different levels with your reward points.
  • Also avail additional services like accidental death cover, emergency hospitalisation and more.
  • Complimentary access to an airport lounge.

6. Simply Click SBI Card

Make the most out of every rupee you spend using this credit card. The most notable feature of this credit card is that it offers up to 10X more reward points for every rupee you spend. It is thus an excellent option for you if you want to earn returns for shopping online and more. Here are some of its features:

  • Available at the payment of an annual fee of INR 499/-.
  • For every 100 rupees spent on this card, get one reward point in return.
  • Enjoy a special fuel surcharge and enjoy the benefits of making payment at any POS terminal simply by waving your card at its front.
  • If you spend Rs. 1,00,000/- your annual fee gets reversed. 

7. YES FIRST Preferred Credit Card

If you are someone who travels and shops frequently, you will find this card very beneficial. It is available for those who earn a minimum of INR 1,20,000/- every month along with the following features:

  • For every spend of INR 100, earn four reward points for every category.
  • Get access to various complimentary services and benefits.
  • Avail a preferential mark-up fee on foreign exchange.

8. Citi Premier Miles Credit Card

If you are prepared to shell out some extra fee in return for various benefits, then this is the card for you. This card is available at an annual fee of INR 3,000/- and requires a monthly income of INR 25,000/-. Along with lounge access and travel discounts, you get access to the following features:

  • Earn special miles or rewards for every spend that you make on the card.
  • Get access to frequent flyers program and airport lounges across airports.

9. SBI Card Elite

If you like to live an elite lifestyle, you can always use this credit card which offers a host of benefits and reward points. With this card, you can look forward to lounge visits, special memberships and more. With an annual membership fee of INR 5,000/-, you get the following benefits:

  • Get vouchers for various online platforms.
  • Receive reward points for every annual spend of a minimum amount.
  • Get access to various features like an international airport lounge and special memberships.

10. AMEX MRCC Credit Card

The Amex card is renowned for rewarding its patrons based on how well they spend money on their card. Depending on the expenditure on the card, you can avail a waiver on the renewal fee. Here are some of its special features:

  • Earn special membership points for every rupee spent on the card.
  • Redeem membership points for special vouchers and discounts.

In Conclusion

These are among the best premium credit card in India which offer complete value for your money. You can make your choice based on the benefits you’d like to avail, and based on your spending patterns. The annual fee for each card is different, and some cards also set a basic income limit for you to avail it. 

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