5 Best Credit Cards For Millennials in 2020


According to Statista, a statistical portal for market data, in June 2020, India recorded a whopping 125 million point of credit card sale transactions. 

In 2019, there were 48.9 million active credit cardholders in India. Surely, this number has experienced a rising slope in 2020.  

These statistics prove that credit cards are the new-age financial instruments for everybody, especially for millennials. Given the plethora of offers available in the market today, which one should you go for? 

This article presents a detailed list of the top 5 cards available for millennials—with the names, features, and benefits. 

But, before jumping onto this list, let’s take a step back and understand the rationale behind owning a credit card.  

Owning a Credit Card Is a Smarter Choice 

In our article, “Credit Cards are Not Debt Traps. In fact, they are Essential For Your Financial Well-Being,” we rationalized why credit cards should not be considered as debt traps. In fact, they’re a smarter choice in today’s scenario. The caveat here is that the user should be vigilant with their spendings and of the card’s overall use. 

But, how does a credit card really help you? Below are some reasons:

  1. If you pay your bills on time, you dodge the heavy interest penalties you owe to the banks.
  2. Building a healthy credit history leverages you with credibility. A score closer to 900 helps increase the chances of securing loans, funds for emergency, and greater credit card limits in the future.
  3. You get cash backs and rewards from the brands you love.
  4. You stand to earn 0% introductory APRs to fulfill your dreams.
  5. Credit cards offer the advantage of international acceptance.

Now that these reasons shape a holistic view on the importance of owning credit cards as a millennial, let’s tap onto the list of the best cards available in the market: 

1. SBI Card Prime 

If you enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and require a hassle-free payment medium, the SBI Card Prime is your go-to-brand. Gifting you with a welcome voucher worth ₹3000 from brands like Hush Puppies, Pantaloons, Aditya Birla Fashion, and more, this is just the beginning of the basket of rewards coming your way. 

For every ₹100 spent on utility bills, you receive 20 reward points. For the same amount spent on dining, groceries, departmental stores, and movies, you earn 10 reward points. 

If you’ve been aiming for the Trident Membership, this card helps you achieve it. The complimentary Privilege Red Tier Membership yields 1000 points upon registration, 1500 bonus points on the first stay, and additional ₹1000 hotel credits on an extended stay.  

If you’re a frequent traveler who enjoys the aura of lounges, this card helps you secure 4 complimentary visits in International Priority Pass Lounges and 8 for Domestic Lounges in India each year. 

Additionally, fly from Vistara; for every ₹100 spent, earn 9 Club Vistara Points and enjoy the complimentary Club Vistara’s Silver Membership along with a 1-year upgrade voucher. 

If you think the offers end here, you’re slightly mistaken. 

  • Annual spending worth ₹3 lakh qualifies you for renewal waivers.
  • Binge eat from Pizza Hut worth ₹50,000 per year and get vouchers worth ₹1000.
  • Treat yourself from Pantaloons or take a break with Yatra by annual spendings of ₹5 Lakh and earn gift vouchers worth ₹7000.
  • Spend ₹100 on your birthday and get a birthday gift worth 20 reward points.

All these for a one-time annual fee of Rs 2,999 (+ taxes). 

2. Citi Rewards Credit Card

If you enjoy collecting your reward points but forget to redeem them under the acceptable window, Citi’s Reward Credit is the card for you. 

Since you are eligible to earn a welcome bonus of up to 2500 points, you can accumulate your bonuses and use them at your disposal. 

Shop for a minimum bill of ₹125 and get a minimum of 1 reward point each. If you’re guilty of shopping at apparel and department stores frequently, both online and offline, this card provides a strong reason to offset such emotions. With each transaction, you can earn up to 10x reward points. 

If your expenses skew towards ₹30,000 per month, holding this card rewards you with 300 bonus points. This bonus will surely help you secure more clothes at discounted prices (+ help you earn reward points with every experience). Now, isn’t this a win-win for all? 

Additional benefits of this card include:

  • For all the music fans who enjoy ad-free apps like Gaana, sign-up with Citi and get your 3-month free trial today.
  • This card also helps secure instant loans and the best deals during international visits in over 90 countries.
  • Moreover, with COVID-19 emphasizing the importance of social distancing, you can make your purchases by using the Citi Contactless Card for values up to ₹2000.

3. Standard Chartered DigiSmart Credit Card 

This is a good entry-level card for millennials who resort to carrying out their tasks via mobile applications. This card treats its users with various kinds of rewards on account of online purchases. Let’s decode some of them here.  

If you’re an avid cab user, Ola has a bonus for you. Every Standard Chartered DigiSmart owner can save up to ₹600 per month when booking cabs on the app. Given the expensive nature of these rides, this discount acts as a great relief on your monthly expenditures.  

If you’re a movie buff and dislike paying the hefty movie tickets, leverage your membership to experience the Buy 1 Get 1 ticket free at INOX. The surprise? You can use this offer twice each month. 

Other benefits that millennials can take advantage of include:

  • Book with Yatra and avail discounts anywhere between 10% – 25%.
  • If you prefer ordering groceries online, order from Grofers to benefit from the 10% discounts on every purchase.
  • Register on Myntra and enjoy a 20% member exclusive discount on your first purchase. Following this, save up to ₹700 off with each transaction.
  • Order your favorite dish on Zomato and save up to ₹750 per month.
  • If you have mounting outstandings, convert them into EMIs without paying any additional fee. The same is valid for purchases above ₹5000 as well.

While online enables convenience, it also gives rise to security concerns. The company understands this grave issue and has addressed it with 3D secure online verifications to create a robust operating system. 

Now, you can sit back, enjoy your digital lifestyle, and collect these lucrative offers from your favorite brands. 

4. Kotak Urbane Gold Credit Card 

Owing to the fact that 39% of millennials are putting away a quarter of their salaries for better money management, Kotak has introduced a new card specifically tailored for the younger and financially responsible audience. 

This card offers exciting cash backs and rewards that make it a popular pick amongst the new-age millennials. 

  • For a basic spend of ₹100 in retail, you can earn up to 3x rewards points. With a minimum requirement of reaching 1000 points for redemption, the value for these points stands at ₹75.
  • If you spend ₹1,00,000 each year, Kotak rewards you with 4 free PVR tickets or 10,000 rewards points. These points help you secure the best deals from popular brands in airlines, mobile recharge, and merchandise.
  • If you’re a frequent traveler, it rewards you with lower foreign mark-ups. You can also exercise cash withdrawals from different ATMs at 0 additional costs.

You have the option to add-on an existing card to your Kotak card for free. This helps with tracking expenses and helps you become a more vigilant cardholder. 

In case of thefts, the bank compensates you for a loss of up to ₹50,000 up to 7 days of pre-reporting. Not just this, but you can sign-up for this card without paying the hefty joining fees and the GST on the annual fees. 

5. RBL Bank Credit Cards 

The needs of millennials are distinctive. RBL Bank understands them well. To cater to the lifestyle of the working-class cohort, it has launched 3 variants in early 2020. 

  • A Card for Travelers

While COVID-19 has introduced new safety norms in traveling, it has not curbed international movements. As a young traveler, it is difficult to incur a 3% foreign exchange fee. But, not anymore. 

RBL’s World Safari Credit Card offers 0 foreign exchange along with offers from hotels like Taj worth ₹10,000 on every ₹7.5 lakhs spent per year. 

  • A Card for Movie Buffs

With the government issuing order to re-open cinemas, it is prudent to capitalize on those rising costs. RBL’s Popcorn Credit Card, in association with BookMyShow, offers 24 free movie tickets and cash backs on other purchases such as surcharge waivers on fuel transactions. 

  • A Card for Daily Essentials

It is inevitable to escape monthly purchases, such as those of groceries. It is only fair to earn monetary rewards. RBL’s Monthly Treats Credit Card offers 10% cash backs on groceries, bill payments, and purchases from Swiggy and BookMyShow. 

Time to Engrave Your Name on a Credit Card 

While this list isn’t exhaustive, it highlights the top-performing cards available for millennials today. Depending on your requirements, purchase histories, and financial capabilities, select the one that meets your requirements closely. 

Apply for a credit card and enjoy these multifold benefits today.

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